RSS, life altering tool

February 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

By Callum Smith:

Advance with your industry’s latest tips, trends and techniques

RSS Readers are replacing newspapers because people want identity.
Your personalized reader delivers your industry’s progressions.
With that, you’ll realize, specialize, and authorize.



Benefits of staying ahead of the conversation:

  • the first to know
  • a consistent innovator
  • you as the authority

Increase your awareness with the free RSS environment, including blogs, videos, podcasts, newsletters, news-sites, etc…

Those information sources appear updated, all in 1 place:

RSS reader is a free software resembling an e-mail inbox-type layout.

Updated “feeds” are pulled into your reader, appearing as headlines that start at the top of your screen, only to move down when they become replaced by a relentless consistency of fresh content.

Just click any headline, and experience!

The RSS-supported service-environment comprises your reader, the informational “feed” sources, and your desire-for-knowledge.

An informavore with new insight, you might also create and publish your own ideas, thus becoming an authority.

Please experience following video suggesting how, theoretically, your life will change by using an RSS reader. The speaker is Professor Cory Anton of the Media Ecology Association, and the following video is from his personal website.

Right click and watch:



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