Online discussion forum reveals proper human diet

May 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

By Callum Smith:

Resulting from the internet, an online discussion forum has brought to our awareness what, despite the recommendations of our western food guides, comprises a proper human diet.

Government Food Pyramid (source: Food FAQ)

Caveman food pyramid (source: Cynergy CrossFit)

Below is an ethnographic compilation of what a low-carb, meat-and-fat diet does. There is no economic determination here, just honest people giving their testimonials shortly after switching to a low carbohydrate, high meat and fat diet.

The following testimonials were gathered from a website called Paleohacks.

John R: I have Addison’s and had depression and ADD diagnoses for years; the ADD went away within hours after removing gluten from my diet, the depression after a few weeks.

Ryan: I felt less lethargic going off of all of those foods with less brain fog. Adding wheat back in brings those symptoms right back and dairy does somewhat.

Nero: The more fat I eat the better is my sleep.

Michelle: I recently started drinking coconut milk and I seriously get really calm when I have it.

Paleolady: The one major depressive episode I had, my naturopath had me eat a high protein diet (at the time I rarely at chicken or fish, and didn’t eat any red meat, and ate WAY too much processed food). Within a week I noticed a big difference. I don’t get hot in the middle of the night anymore!…On the two occasions where I have not had a paleo dinner, I have once again woken up burning up.

Shebeeste: cutting wheat and corn has definitely helped even out my mood.

Fearsclave: I went Paleo in January. I’ve dropped another seventeen pounds since then. I’ve noticed my ability to handle job stress has improved too; I’m still in the same stressful line of work, but it feels like I’m dealing better with stress and am calmer most of the time.

Matt: The more meat I ate the better I felt, in conjuction with eliminating grains.

Rick Kiessig: Hi Louisa, my teeth-grinding has also stopped. I attribute that to avoiding gluten.

speno: I swear paleo has improved my reflexes and throwing accuracy.

Jae: A fairly common experience after going grain-free: all tooth plaque has disappeared…Chronic nighttime sinus congestion is diminished.

John R: No heartburn. Which sort of messes with my lifelong theory that my occasional heartburn was triggered by high-sat-fat meals…

Aaron: My frequent heartburn went away almost immediately upon starting paleo (a little over a month ago). No headaches either.

Kim: Ever since going low-carb/paleo about a year ago, I have been magically pain and PMS symptom-free…No more morning breath for me or the hubby!

Biodoc: Fewer headaches…The husband and I both have improved (the breath issue).

gilliebean: No more morning breath…My eyesight has improved…It’s easier to wake up in the morning.

Jae: I can’t say mine (morning breath) is GONE but it is much better.

Blue -the Thrifty Mom: My most startling physical change is that my arthritis is VASTLY improved and my Rosacia is GONE.

Glenn: I’ve also stopped having “night sweats”!

42: …my rosacea is also clearing…In general, I feel much better, more alert, less easily fatigued.

Andrea: My mood swings have lessened considerably, and like gilliebean, I find myself feeling refreshed in the morning whereas before it would take all the mental strength I had to get out of bed in the morning.

Heather: No bloating– used to have this all the time… probably from trouble digesting grains or maybe sugar. Also, no stomach pains, even after big meals, which I used to have often and attributed to high-fat meals (definitely wrong). Also… like the others said lower alcohol tolerance…oh and also, my husband acne on his back has disappeared.

Louisa: I can feel a build up of energy in my muscles and body that I never witnessed before paleo.

sajennings: Once I kicked gluten to the curb, the asthma vanished in less than a week.

Larry: while I haven’t eliminated casein entirely, when I do eat significant amounts of cheese my asthma comes back.

pieter d: Improvement in psoriasis…Calmness of mind….No more swollen eyes in the morning, but after a grain/carb cheat they are back…I haven’t been biting my fingernails for a long time.

Cave Man Mind: I used to wake up with a very slight runny nose; my old ‘normal’. No longer! I attribute this almost certainly to cutting gluten…Reduced body odor smell…No more hunger pangs…

Michelle: my sweat stopped smelling…no more painful bloating after a meal

eakthekat: No heartburn….my acne and psoriasis have started clearing….I have not needed my ADD meds nor my anti-depressants since January…If I get scratches, bruises or cuts I heal a lot faster and with less infection…I don’t get sick as easily…I have more energy. I also have less trouble falling asleep at night and waking in the morning…Off the ADD meds and I can finally read a book for more than 10 minutes!… My knuckles have gone from cracked and bleeding to totally healed…my skin has never looked better.

Elfreda: My itchy toes cleared up for good. (So long, Lamisil!)… Restless leg syndrome much much milder…Rosacea gone.

Through online discussion forums, our digital culture can avoid corrupted information and therefore evolve towards a safer, sounder, and stronger society.


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